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Don believes Mediation often offers an opportunity for a prompt and economical resolution of disputes and litigation. Don has been qualified as a Mediator since January of 1992. Don has been qualified as a Mediator for Family Law Cases and cases relating to the parent-child relationship since February of 1993. Don mediated family law cases for the Montgomery County Dispute Resolution Center in Conroe, Texas and has also mediated cases for the Jefferson County Dispute Resolution Center in Beaumont, Texas during Settlement Week.

Donís mediation practice is limited to Texas cases. Don welcomes you to contact him concerning mediation for cases including Family Law, Divorce, Custody, Support, Property Disputes, Will Contests, Estate Disputes, Personal Injury, Auto Accidents, 18 Wheeler Accidents, premises Liability, Real Estate Titles, Boundary and Easement Disputes, Business Disputes, Contract Disputes, and other disputes.

To see Don's Mediation Fee Schedule, please use the following link:

Mediation Fee Schedule

Please call (903)463-0008 or send an Email to schedule your mediation date.

Once you have called to schedule your mediation, you may make payment through law firm check or PayPal. PayPal payments will only be accepted after consultation with Donald M. Banman and all parties are in agreement about pricing and terms of employment. Payment must be received 48 hours prior to mediation. If the mediation is rescheduled, mediation fees will be applied to the rescheduled mediation. Please follow the link below for the PayPal payment option: